Game version 6.7.2 and Lobby version 1.1.0

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    • Game version 6.7.2 and Lobby version 1.1.0

      Dear players,

      On wednesday 15th of August we are having an update in the game and in the Lobby.
      (Coming to the PTS today)

      Lobby version 1.1.0

      [Feature] Universes can be sorted by age at the game account list and sitting section.
      [Feature] The highscore gets updated more often now.
      [Bugfix] The country dropdown menu at the "show all servers" section works as intendeed.
      [Bugfix] The forgoten password page has now the footer at the bottom of the page.

      Game version 6.7.2
      [New] Rule 13 in game. Max limitation of support.

      Your Team Ogame Tw