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  • Dear players! Lobby will be released on 12 of June. - With Lobby, the highlight for Import/Export on merchant button will be removed. - After Lobby be implemented and accounts merged in one Lobby Account, it's not possible to change the e-mail of any of those accounts, it's only possible to change the e-mail of the Lobby Account. - You must not give the login data to the Lobby Account, if you do that and the other player changes the e-mail, we will not be able to give support.

  • Hello, commanders! as we continue to work on the Lobby, we have more news for you. After collecting feedback from all OGame communities and evaluating the requests, we decided to include a "Sitting Feature" in the Lobby before releasing it into the live servers. This Sitting function will grant temporary access to another player to be able to take care of any game account you select from your Lobby. You will be able to grant access game accounts you select on your Lobby through a token. As soon …

  • FAQ- Lobby What is the Lobby? The Lobby is our new account management front end. Simple as that! Naming and wording - Game accounts: Until now we called your game round ‘accounts’, but from now on we clarify that by calling them Game accounts. That way it is more distinct and helps to differentiate between your Game accounts and your Lobby account. - Lobby account: The Lobby account is your main account to log in into the Lobby and from there into all your Game accounts. So keep your Lobby accou…

  • New Lobby

    Schneeprinz - - 遊戲新聞 Game News


    Dear community, today we are bringing important news. We are happy to announce that a new game version is coming very soon, but this version requires a longer explanation for better understanding: With this version, we will introduce to you a new Lobby. The days of constantly having to log in and out will soon be at an end! Soon you’ll be able to manage all your accounts from one single email address. Any accounts with the same email and password combination will be automatically linked together…

  • A secure password goes a long way towards securing your accounts on the internet and avoiding others to do things to and with your accounts you in all likelihood wouldn't be ok with. Many experts, for quite a while, were convinced that diversity in passwords is key. Well, that is certainly not wrong, however, the one sure-fire way to make your password secure is to make it a really long one. The longer your password is the more secure it is. If you're afraid you won't be able to memorize a long …

  • Coma Changing

    Schneeprinz - - 管理團隊 Team News


    Hello, community! I'm new Community Manager for this server. I'll be glad to help every player. Thank you all for staying in our game. Have fun!