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  • Dear community,

    On Wednesday, 26th of June, we will have a lobby and game update.
    The update will happen at 10:00 CEST WW.
    The downtime should be a few minutes.

    Lobby version 2.1.0
    [Bug fix] Fixed an issue and that caused the lobby login to slowly get blocked when the login to one or more game rounds was not possible.
    [Bug fix] Fixed an issue that would come up when you tried to reset the password of an unlinked game account.

    The Game version 6.8.8 does not bring anything visible, but contain backend changes to accomodate the login fix for the lobby.

    Your OGame Team.
  • Dear community,

    On Wednesday, 3rd of July, we will have an upgrade the EN forum.
    After the upgrade, we will be working on a new structure in the forum to welcome the community members of the following languages:
    CZ, DK, FI, GR, JP, NO, SE, SI, SK, TW

    On Monday 8th of July, the current forum for this community will be set up on "read only" mode and the UK forum with its corresponding section for this community will become the official forum for you.

    We are looking forward to see you there and we hope this change will increase the activity of the community!

    Your OGame Team
  • Dear community,

    on 11.06.2019 we are implementing a new lobby (2.0.0), start page (9.5.6) and game (6.8.7) versions to the game.
    With these versions, your OGame lobby account will turn into a Gameforge account.
    After this update, with your next login in OGame we will ask you if you wish to log in using your OGame Account details or if you would like to create a new Gameforge account.
    By registering a new account you will add OGame to your Gameforge game lobby. This means not only a better overview of your login, but also faster access to your games.

    If you already have a Gameforge account, your OGame account will be added to your Gameforge account automatically (if both accounts have the same e-mail address).
    If your Gameforge account has a different e-mail, you can link your Gameforge e-mail to your OGame lobby and we will integrate it to your OGame account.

    With this system, you will have the following benefits:
    - Single login for all your Gameforge games.
    - Settings management…